The Story of

Annie's Playground


Annie’s Playground was the idea of many friends of the Cumpston family. They had the desire to turn this tragic loss into something constructive. The Annie Cumpston Playground Foundation received several acres of land on Edgely Grove Farm in Fallston, Maryland from Harford County. After two years of fundraising and the generosity of local families and businesses, construction of the largest playground on the East Coast started in September, 2005. Over a thousand people worked round the clock for weeks to build a playground from the ground up. Several artists from the area spent countless hours painting beautiful paintings on the playground equipment.


Annie’s Playground has several unique features including a treehouse, amphitheater/outdoor classroom, puppet theatre, dragon and elephant slides, baseball area and Memorial Garden. Surrounding the playground are sports complex, ma and pa walking trails, and several picnic areas.


The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Annie’s Playground was on November 13, 2005. Thousands of children and adults, young and old, came out on this beautiful sunny day to be a part of history at the opening of this special place. These children and their children’s children will be a part of the legacy of a place named after a precious little girl named Annie.


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