Annie McGann Cumpston

January 7, 1997 – March 23, 2003


Annie was a beautiful child who had the biggest heart. She seemed to feel personally responsible for the happiness of others. She wanted to take care of anyone who just needed a friend. Annie was often called “Momma Annie.” Annie was in Kindergarten at St. Margaret’s School in Bel Air, Maryland. She loved dancing, playing soccer, softball, and being a Brownie. She loved playing dress up with her sisters Susie, Alice and Madelyn.

In March 2003, Annie, her sisters and her parents Tom and Megan were leaving the Circus in Baltimore, Maryland. While in the crosswalk with her family, Annie was struck and killed by a drunk driver.


She was an angel on earth and is now a special angel in Heaven. She continues to be missed by the dozens of family members, friends and all who knew her.


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